What is the MEMOIR Trial?

Complex Regional Pain Syndrome is a disabling pain disorder that usually occurs in a limb. It is characterised by severe burning, stinging and stabbing pain that is difficult to predict or control. Complex Regional Pain Syndrome affects approximately 5,000 people in Australia annually and is responsible for considerate personal, societal and economic burden.

Currently, there are no treatments for Complex Regional Pain Syndrome whose efficacy is supported by high-quality evidence. MEMOIR will test two new potential treatments that aim to reduce pain and improve function in the largest clinical trial conducted for Complex Regional Pain Syndrome.

Why participate?

The aim of a clinical trial is to determine whether a treatment is safe and effective. While a clinical trial may not be of direct benefit to you, its results can help others with similar conditions.

If you choose to participate in the MEMOIR trial, the information you contribute will be used to guide the future management of people living with Complex Regional Pain Syndrome.

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